Digital Extreme’s Warframe provides you with crystal clear and sharp graphics using the newest Microsoft DirectX 11 technology. But you won’t only get good looks, even the dynamic of the gameplay and the A.I. Are from the top of the ladder. A good looking shooter, with space and cybernetics setting, and a well balanced multiplayer, for free? Impossible! – You may think. But convince yourselves!

Tenno, descendants of an old and mystical civiliation of warriors from earth’s Orokin ages. Gifted fighters, no matter if by sword or rifle they were masters of war craft.

Historical shards revealed, the Tenno’s culture was based on chivalry and discipline. But are these motives still their driving forces? Centuries passed and the Tenno were sleeping in their Cryo Pods, until a bloodcurdling scream echoed throught the galaxy and woke them from their sleep.

They’ve been called. Now, as foreigners in this unierse they once used to know, the Tenno have to stand the fight against the Grineer. A militarily organized Faction, who used the technology of cloning to spread all around earth. They plan to conquer the universe and to suppress and destroy all who stand in their way. A woman called Lotus is on her way to free you from your cryo sleep and guide you to fight against the Grineer.

We call Warframe an exceptionally good free to play shooter. Not only it’s shining DirectX11 graphics support our opinion. Everybody knows the stereotypical shooter with dumb bots. Warframe’s A.I. still is not a human being, but this bit and byte consisting hounds know the tricks.

The story mode, playale alone or in a group of three players sometimes really becomes an epic challenge that needs concentration and fast reactions. Your objectives constantly vary. Infiltrating enemy ships, blow up reactors or just thin out your enemies lines…never underestimate the bots. Also, Warframe provides you a large arsenal of weapons: Swords, hand guns, rifles…there is always the right weapon for each playstile and every situation.
Play Waframe Now and join a hightech battle in space. Get in your Warframe and join the Troops! Fight for the univerese’s freedom but never forget chivalry and discipline. Go ahead now and erase the Grineers from time and space!